The Special Operations Division consists of


Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division, or CID for short, consists of Detectives who investigate serious felonies including homicide, sex offenses, robbery, burglary, and more.


Special Crimes Unit

This unit primarily targets drug trafficking offenses.


Emergency Response Team

The ERT team is a specially trained group of officers who receive training in advanced weaponry and tactics.  Officers serve in their normal roles full time and assume ERT duties when needed, such as on search warrants, barricades, and hostage situations.



Honor Guard

The Honor Guard represents the Laurel Police Department at funerals, parades, and other special events. Contact Detective Adam Cheek for more information:  [email protected].



Hostage Negiotation

This unit receives training for the successful resolution of high risk situations. They are often deployed with the ERT team to barricades, hostage situations, and certain suicidal persons calls. The team specializes in opening lines of communication with various technology.


Accident Reconstruction

This unit responds to and investigates all serious and/or fatal motor vehicle crashes.  The officers in this unit are specially trained to reconstruct/recreate accident scenes and provide critial evidence for prosecution of responsible parties where applicable. 


Evidence Technician

This unit works closely in conjuction with CID Detectives to gather evidence from major crime scenes.  They provide crime scene photographs, searches, sketches, as well as evidence collection of anything pertinent to a crime scene whether physical or forensic in nature. 

Police Seal


The Laurel Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of law enforcement service to the City of Laurel citizens by aggressive Crime Prevention and vigorously pursuing and arresting criminals.