Released on October 19, 2020 - 10:35am

Date Classification Location Summary
9/28/2020 DWI DRIVER 100 Block Bowie Rd. Adult male stopped on a traffic stop arrested for DUI
9/28/2020 Citizen Armed Robbery 1000 Block Washington Blvd.  SB A victim standing in line outside a bank with a deposit bag was robbed by a suspect who stated he had a gun.  LPD Detectives are investigating
9/28/2020 THEFT FROM AUTO 7600 Block East Arbory Ct. Fog lights stolen from a vehicle in the overnight hours of 9/27
9/29/2020 Marijuana Arrest 7800 Block Old Sandy Spring Rd. Adult male issued a criminal citation for posssession of more than 10 grams of marijuana
9/29/2020 Shoplifting 9600 Block Fort Meade Rd. Wb Two adults stole merchandise from the Dollar Tree and fled in a vehicle.
9/29/2020 Warrant Arrest Sandy Spring Rd. Wb / Nb I95 Hwy.  Adult male stopped on a traffic stop was arrested for a warrant through Montgomery County
9/29/2020 DUI Arrest 8600 Block Cherry Ln. Eb Adult male stopped on a traffic stop arrested for DUI
9/29/2020 Citizen Armed Robbery 6900 Block Anderson's Way Two males forced their way into the victim's apartment and struck him with a firearm.  LPD Detectives are investigating the case.
9/29/2020 Theft from Auto 14700 Block Fourth St. Two males observed breaking out a window of a vehicle and removing items
9/30/2020 Theft from auto 100 Block Second St. Nb On 9/29 in the overnight hours, a male entered the lot of the Allstar Repair Shop and entered five unsecured vehicles and took items.
9/30/2020 DUI Arrest 1000 Block Washington Blvd. Sb Adult male was found asleep behind the wheel in a parking lot and was arrested for DUI
10/1/2020 SEX OFFENSE Ashford Blvd A victim reported a sexual assault.  LPD Detectives are handling the investigation.  The suspect is known to the victim.
10/1/2020 ASSAULT COMBINED Cherry Ln. Wb / Sb Baltimore Ave.  A suspect was seen assaulting a victim in the roadyway.  The victim was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.  The assault is under investigaiton.
10/1/2020 THEFT FROM AUTO 6900 Andersons Way Items taken from a vehicle by an unknown suspect in the overnight hours of 10/1
10/1/2020 DUI Arrest Baltimore Ave. Sb / Cherry Ln. Wb An adult male was arrested for DWI after being stopped on a traffic stop
10/1/2020 Assault Arrest 200 Block Fort Meade Rd. Eb An adult female was arrested for assaulting an acquaintance and brandishing a knife.  The victim's injuries were minor.
10/2/2020 Commercial Burglary 14700 Block Baltimore Ave. Nb  Three suspects forced entry into the business after hours and ransacked it.  LPD detectives are handling the investigation.
10/2/2020 Commercial Burglary 8300 Block Ashford Blvd. A male suspect forced entry into the leasing office of Avondale Apartments and stole property.  LPD detectives are handling the investigation.
10/2/2020 ASSAULT 310 Block Second St. Nb A customer and an employee were mutual combatants in a fight, both parties had minor injuries.
10/2/2020 DUI Arrest Baltimore Ave. Sb / Mulberry St. An adult male was arrested for DUI after being stopped on a traffic stop.
10/3/2020 Vandalism to Auto Dell Pl. Vehicle window was broken with a tree branch sometime in the last 6 days.
10/3/2020 Warrant Arrest 14800 Baltimore Ave. Nb An adult male was stopped on a traffic stop and was found to have an open warrant through Fairfax County
10/3/2020 Burglary 4th Degree 400 Block Montrose Ave. An adult male and a juvenile were arrested for breaking into a laundry room.  The adult male was found to have multiple open warrants through Prince George's County and Charles County.
10/3/2020 Child Abuse Arrest 14600 Block  Philip Ct. An adult male was arrested for assaulting a juvenile family member.
10/3/2020 Assault Arrest 14700 Block Baltimore Ave. An adult male was arrested for assualting an employee of Red Crab House.
NOTE:This report is not a comprehensive list off all police related activity in the City of Laurel for the dates posted. We will provide a report each week, posted on Mondays for the previous week. 
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