Animal Control in Laurel is a function of the Laurel Police Department. This section provides a unique concept to the citizens of the City, by combining activities of a law enforcement agency that protects people and their property with a humane organization that protects animals.

Animal Control

The City's Animal Control Officer responds to the following types of calls or complaints:

  • Injured animals
  • Sick animals
  • Vicious animals
  • Trapped animals
  • Cruelty complaints
  • Dead animals
  • Nuisance animals or animals running at large

Days and Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm (Closed Saturday, Sunday and all Legal Holidays)

If you have an animal related emergency during the City's non-business hours, please call Prince George's County Animal Control Field Services at 301-780-7200.

Leash Law

The City of Laurel, Municipal Code prohibits animals to run at large. The City enforces its Leash Law. Please keep your animals safe by keeping them under restraint by leash or confined to premises.


Licensing of animals is handled through the Prince George's County Animal Management Division. The law states that "No person shall own, keep or harbor any dog, cat or ferret over the age of four months, unless such dog/cat/ferret is licensed..." (Prince George's County Code, Section 3-145).

Licenses Must Be Obtained Within Thirty (30) Days After Residence Is Established.

The following information must be provided with application:

  • Copy of current rabies vaccination certificate
  • Copy of spay/neuter certificate (if applicable)
  • Check or money order made payable to: "Prince George's County" in appropriate amount

Fee for Dog/Cat/Ferret Licenses are:

  • $5.00 for spayed or neutered (altered) pet
  • $25.00 for unaltered pet

Please read more information on Pet Licensing in the City of Laurel.

The application can be downloaded by visiting the Prince George's County Animal Management Division website.

Locations for Purchasing Dog, Cat or Ferret License:

Animal Management Divison, Licensing Section
3750 Brown Station Road
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Phone: 301-780-7251
Walk-In or Mail-In
(Expect at least two (2) weeks for processing when mailing in for license)
City of Bowie Animal Control
15901 Excalibur Rd
Bowie, MD 20716
Phone: 301-262-6200
Walk-In Services Only
City of College Park Animal Control
4500 Knox Road
College Park, MD 20740
Phone: 301-864-5585
Walk-In Services Only
*Requires rabies certificate and spay/neuter information

Pit Bull Registration

Effective February 3, 1997, in accordance with Prince George's County Code, Section 3-185.01, all pit bulls must be registered with the County's Animal Management Group. Pit bulls must have a current Prince George's County dog license and a valid rabies vaccination in order to be registered.

Pit bulls born in Prince George's County after February 3, 1997, are illegal and must be removed from the County. If you have had the dog in your possession and have written proof (copy of rabies certificate, vet bill or similar documentation) that you owned the dog prior to February 3, 1997, you must apply for a dog license and pit bull registration through Prince George's County.

Animal Waste

No person owning, keeping or having custody of an animal in the City shall allow the waste to remain in any public place or private property. The owner of such animal could be subject to fines as set forth in the city code for violations of this ordinance.

Clean up after your dog!!! It's the Right Thing To Do!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there anything I can do about my neighbor, who allows his/her dog to bark all the time?
A: You may file a telephone complaint with the City of Laurel's Animal Control Officer by calling 301-498-0092.
Q: Who do I call if I see dogs running loose?
A: Call the Animal Control Officer at 301-498-0092.
Q: How do I find out if my animal has been impounded?
A: If the animal is wearing a current Prince George's County license, rabies tag, other type of license or an identification tag, the owner will be notified by phone. If the animal is not wearing any type of identification it is best for the owners to visit Prince George's County, Animal ShelterClick this link for directions to the facility.
Q: Where can I purchase a license for my pet?
A: See Licensing Information on this page for information.
Q: How much does a pet license cost?
A: Animals that are not spayed or neutered, the fee is $25.00. Animals that are spayed or neutered, the fee is $5.00. (Prices subject to change)
Q: What can I do about stray cats in my neighborhood?
A: Contact Laurel TNR at 301-886-0161 or visit their website at to learn about their Trap-Neuter-Release program.
Q: I have a groundhog living in my yard, what can I do?
A: City of Laurel does not trap wildlife that is outside. This inlcudes snakes, birds, bats, rats or squirrels. Please contact the Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Hotline at 877-463-6497 for advice on how to keep the wildlife out of your yard. We discourage people from trapping wildlife.
Q: I have an animal in my house, what can I do?
A: If you have an animal in your house, we can set a trap in an attempt to capture it. We are not able to set traps or assist if the animal is in your attic, crawl space or inside walls. If you have animals in your attic, crawl space or inside a wall, you should contact a local pest control company.
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