Solar Permit Application


Permits are obtained by submitting an electronic application on the Permit Portal


The following steps must be followed when using the Permit Portal:

1. Create a New Account (click on the Login or Register button) or if you already have an account (sign In through this button).

2. After you sign on, click on the Permit button.

3. Find the permit that you are looking for and click on the Apply blue button to start the process.

4. Fill in all information leaving no blanks.



The following information must be submitted online with the permit application. All documents shall be uploaded in PDF format: 

  1. Electrical Schematic and Plans reflecting solar panel layout.
  2. Specification of all equipment to be installed.
  3. Structural Engineers report and signed and sealed letter stating roof can support Solar System. Engineer shall be licensed in the State of Maryland. 
  4. Property Owner Permission Letter. 



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