Solar Permit Application Process



Follow Steps To Apply Online

          Log on   

          If you do not have an account, please create your account first.

Complete the Online Application. 


Go to Permits and Inspections 

Then Select Apply for a Permit from the right side of the webpage

Select Solar Permit from the Drop Down Menu.

Complete the form and submit it.

Submit any additional information required by Email or US Mail.

When received and processed, you will be notified of the fee due.

Login, select the permit from your list of permits.  Then select pay fees to pay your fee online.  Please note: A fee of $1.25 is added for online payments.


          Complete Solar Permit Application from forms.

Complete the Form and Save it for your records. 

Print the form, and attach it to the additional information required and deliver the forms to the Office of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services along with a check in the amount of $275 dollars for a residential installation or $300 for a commercial installation.



call us (301)725-5300, Ext 2238 or 2254.

Or, Email us:  [email protected]

In addition to the online process the following information must be submitted.  This information can be sent via E-Mail, Fax or Mail.

  1. Electrical Schematic and Plans reflecting solar panel layout
  2. Specification of all equipment to be installed.
  3. Structural Engineers report and letter stating roof can support Solar System.

Complete the Online Solar Permit Application:

Complete the attached Solar Permit Form and attach any needed documents.

Documents should be emailed, faxed or mailed to the Office of the Fire Marshall.

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Fire Marshal & Permit Services

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services is charged with enforcing City Codes and Ordinances relating to building and property standards.