Sec. 8-11 of the City of Laurel Municipal Code contains provisions for the registration and permitting of burglar alarms and security systems. 

Systems for all nonresidential properties are required to obtain an Alarm User Permit and have the system inspected for compliance with the Municipal Code.  The initial permit fee for nonresidential alarm user permits is $50.00.

Security systems in residential properties may also be registered under this code section, but obtaining an alarm user permits is not compulsory. There is no permit fee for residential alarm permits. 

An alarm user permit can be obtained from the Office of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services, located in the Laurel Municipal Center at 8103 Sandy Spring Road, Laurel, Maryland 20707. 

Alarm user permits must be renewed annually.  For residential properties there is no renewal fee.  The fee for nonresidential alarm user permit renewals is $15.00.


Repeated false alarms for registered alarm systems can result in penalty charges being assessed.  The penalty charges are as follows:

1st - -
2nd - -
3rd - -
4th $50 $100
5th $100 $150
6th $150 $200
7th $200 $200

Permit Category


Fire Marshal & Permit Services

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services is charged with enforcing City Codes and Ordinances relating to building and property standards.