Paving: $50.00

Right-of-Way: $25.00 + (curb/apron construction cost x .075)


Site Plan (3 copies)


Site plan must show the location of proposed driveway. Right-of-way permit application is only required if driveway requires a curb cut or other work in the public right-of-way. Driveways must be at least 10 ft. wide and must be at least 1 ft. from any side or rear property line. Paved parking areas in front yards cannot excced 20% of the front yard. Driveways and parking areas cannot violate minimum green space requirements for a lot. Gravel and/or loose stones are not acceptable "paving" materials.

Rain Check Rebate Program


Permit Category

Residential Home Improvement

Fire Marshal & Permit Services

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services is charged with enforcing City Codes and Ordinances relating to building and property standards.