Decks and Patios Permit Application


Permits are obtained by submitting an electronic application on the Permit Portal

The following steps must be followed when using the Permit Portal:

  1. Create a New Account (click on the Login or Register button) or if you already have an account (sign In through this button).
  2. After you sign on, click on the Permit button.
  3. Find the permit that you are looking for and click on the Apply blue button to start the process.
  4. Fill in all information leaving no blanks.


$125.00 for decks/patios 500 sq. ft. or less; $175.00 for decks/patios more than 500 sq. ft. as of July 1, 2021.


- Residential Deck/Patio Permit Application

Site Plan (3 copies)

Framing Plan (3 copies)


Site plans must show the location of the proposed deck or patio including dimensions and distance to property lines. Framing plans are only required for decks. Decks floors must be at least 12 inches above grade.  Footings must be at least 30 inches deep.  Decks must be at least 3 ft. from any side or rear property line.  Decks cannot be enclosed by a roof and/or walls nor can the area beneath a deck be enclosed.  Maximum deck size in sq. ft. is based on zoning district and house type.  Decks and patios cannot violate the minimum green space requirement for a lot.


Permit Category

Residential Home Improvement

Fire Marshal & Permit Services

The Department of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services (FMPS) is divided into two Divisions who are responsible for the management and enforcement of the City’s codes and ordinances as it relates to wide range of areas, to include building and property standards, fire and life safety standards, rental housing licenses and permitting services.