The City of Laurel uses an emergency alerting notification system called “EVERBRIDGE.” All citizens and businesses are highly recommended to join this valuable alerting system to start receiving lifesaving alerts and information to assist in the event of a potential emergency or an immediate incident.

In order to participate in the alert notification system, we will currently be working with Prince George’s County, which means residents and visitors must proceed with the sign up process through the “ALERT PRINCE GEORGE’S" website. However, all alerts will be from the City of Laurel during an Emergency or Community events. 

Laurel Working with Alert Prince George's


Public Notification System

Everbridge is a technological, web-based system that the City of Laurel will utilize to send emergency alerts, notifications, and updates to your registered devices. Everbridge operates on an enhanced software platform that expands alert and notification capabilities and as a subscriber, you will be able to receive information regarding traffic conditions, government closures, public safety incidents, severe weather alerts and event notifications. The City of Laurel is excited to bring this system to our residents and users to ensure we provide you with more ways to receive accurate, timely and secure information before, during and after an emergency or disaster. 

Everbridge is for everyone. Be Prepared, Get Connected and Stay Informed!

Sign Up for Alerts/Update Your Profile

To get emergency alerts whenever you need them, where ever you are, get connected today. Click on the "Sign Up for Alerts" button below.  If you already have an account, click the "Update Your Profile" button, also below. Remember, you will sign up under Alert Prince George’s, but will receive City of Laurel notifications. This system is for everyone, so please tell your family, friends, and neighbors to be ready and be safe. Sign up today!

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Dissemination of Public Information

Public Information consists of the processes, procedures, and systems to communicate timely, accurate, and accessible information on an incident’s cause, size, and current situation to the public, responders, media and additional stakeholders (both directly affected and indirectly affected). Public information must be coordinated and integrated across jurisdictions, agencies, and organizations; among Federal, State, tribal, and local governments; and with non-governmental organizations and the private sector.  Well-developed public information, education strategies, and communications plans help to ensure that lifesaving measures, evacuation routes, threat and alert systems, and other public safety information are coordinated and communicated to numerous audiences in a timely, consistent manner.

You can also get alerts from:


National Weather Service

Prince George's County

Anne Arundel County

Montgomery County

National Capital Region


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Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management plans and prepares for emergencies, educates the public about preparedness, coordinates emergency response and recovery efforts and disseminates information during emergencies and disasters.