Released on May 5, 2017 - 10:31am

On Thursday May 4, 2017, Mayor Craig A. Moe and the Laurel City Council were proud to attend the City of Laurel’s 22nd Annual Employee Awards Ceremony and Luncheon at the Partnership Activity Center.

At the ceremony, the City recognized the following employees for their Years of Service to the City: Diane Bishop, Gregory Bowers, PFC Thomas Houck, Michael Eichorn, Cinnamen Fisher,  Cpl. Capri Rice, and Alex Viera for completing five years of service; Robert Bain, Jack Brock and Thomas Helms for completing ten years of service; Jeffrey Alexander, Cpl. Erik Eagle, Cathy Harvey, Cpl. John Mrozek, Lt. Jordan Perretta and Jimmy Smith  for completing fifteen years of service; David Bowen, Denise Johnson, Joan Noland and Andrew Penkala for completing twenty years of service; Robin Cooch and PFC Stephen Crass for completing twenty-five years of service; Chief Richard McLaughlin for completing thirty years of service; Duane Plumley for completing thirty-five years of service; and Martin Flemion for completing forty years of service .

The City also issued Safety Awards to 176 employees who used safe work habits on the job and remained injury free for at least six months and including 46 workers who have been accident free for at least 10 years.

The City’s Team Achievement Award was established to recognize those employee teams who have made significant contributions to their Department or to the City. This year two teams were recognized. The first team consisted of PFC Clayton Ammerman, PFC Sean Fable, Cpl. Aaron Waddell and Sgt. Jesse Conyngham. They received an award for their efforts to develop, update and deliver in-service training programs in the Laurel Police Department. As a result of their efforts each received a certificate and a check for $100. 

The second team consisted of Tim van der Vossen, Bonny DuCote, Robin Cooch, Jennifer Carmen, Gena Wade, Danny Miller and Janet Dixon for their individual and collective efforts to implement a new recreation software package including learning the system from weekly webinars, building the system to include every program, facility, membership and record or participation for the last 9 years and testing the result to assure a seamless implementation to the public. For their contributions they each received a certificate and a check for $100.

The Meritorious Service Award is intended to go to those employees who have distinguished themselves by making a significant contribution to their Department, to the City or to co-workers during the year. This year five employees were recognized and each received a plaque and a check for $250.

Duane Plumley, an Equipment Operator in the Department of Public Works, was honored for his willingness to respond to respond to any after-hours emergency, to follow-up with his commercial refuse customers to assure they are aware of City requirements regarding recycling, special collections and billing procedures and his vigilance in looking out for and reporting any hazard he may encounter on his route.   

Lena Grant, the Administrative Assistant in the Office of the City Administrator, was recognized for her efforts when the City transitioned to a new City Administrator, new Deputy City Administrator and the departure of the former Office Manager, as well as her voluntary service in the City’s Canteen at various events.

Joseph Kropff, a PFC in the Laurel Police Department, received an award for his efforts focused on traffic safety, including the child car seat installation program, acquiring safety publications for distribution in the City and recommending locations for signage to increase pedestrian safety.  

Eric “Charles” Nickell, Equipment Operator in the Department of Public Works, was recognized for his special efforts to install signage and pavement markings and his voluntary efforts to take the lead in preparing and distributing the 2017 resident calendars and inserts City-wide. 

James Cornwell-Shiel, Webmaster in the Department of Information Technology, was recognized for his considerable efforts to create a redesigned web site for the City that potentially saved the City $20-30,000. He also developed a pop-up alert for Police dispatchers that would alert them of a possible cardiac arrest incident in the City to dispatch an officer with an AED.

The Employee of the Year Award is established to promote excellence in public service and recognize those employees who, throughout the year, have displayed the highest standards of performance and conduct. This year five employees were recognized and each received a plaque and a check for $500.

Anthony Robinson, an Equipment Operator in the Department of Public Works was honored for his efforts to enhance both the efficiency of collections and customer service on the City’s commercial refuse and recycling route. 

Robert Bain, Communications Specialist in the Laurel Police Department, was selected for becoming a certified instructor on the National Crime Information Center to increase the convenience and reduce the costs for training sworn and civilian personnel. 

PFC Karena Jackson, of the Laurel Police Department, was honored for her efforts on the updated DARE program at area elementary schools and her efforts aimed at strengthening community relations.   

Jeffrey Elliott, Horticultural Supervisor in the Department of Parks and Recreation was selected for taking in upon himself to study and take the State Fertilizer Application Certification as well as his efforts to guide and develop the skills of others in his department.

Yasir Syed, Systems Analyst in the Department of Information Technology was honored for the total replacement of the virtual server environment and integration of a 28 terabyte storage area network and efforts to address substantial computer network issues on a holiday weekend. 

The Kristie M. Mills Leadership Award was awarded to William Bailey, the new Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation. Since taking this position he oversaw the extensive renovations of the Armory Community Center, helped to coordinate the removal of two properties for the CRA, managed the LED lighting project at the Robert J. DiPietro Community Center, helped create the new Hometown Heroes Island on Cherry Lane, and worked with County contractors to reopen Emancipation Park. For these efforts Mr. Bailey received a plaque and a check for $300.

The City’s highest honor, the Mayor’s Award, went to Marcus Colbert, Laborer in the Department of Public Works. After his tragic death from being struck by a vehicle at work, the City received many stories and accolades from residents about the myriad ways he made special efforts that touched their lives. For his exceptional efforts, Mr. Colbert’s parents were presented a plaque and $1,000. Mayor Moe also announced a new award - the Marcus Colbert Award - to begin at next year’s ceremony to go to an employee that receives special compliments or tributes from residents of the City about the way that they perform their work. 

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