In 2015, the City of Laurel set up rules and regulations to allow Laurel non-profit groups the use of the four digital signs around Laurel. The signs, located at the Laurel Municipal Center, McCullough Field, Robert J. DiPietro Community Center and Granville Gude Park, have up-to-date information on them and are stratgically placed around the City to keep residents informed of what is happening in and around the City.

If you are a Laurel Non-Profit Community Group and have information you would like to put on the City of Laurel's Digital Signs, please click below for the Application. 


Once you have filled out the application, you must provide proof of your non-profit status and follow the procedures and regulations, which are at the end of the application, guiding the use of the digital signs being provided by the City of Laurel. Keep in mind that during emergencies, City information takes precedence and your information could be bumped. The City will work with you to ensure your information gets out to residents in a timely fashion. If you have any questions, call 301-725-5300 ext. 2109 or email the completed application to [email protected]. Thank you!

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The Department of Communications provides useful information of public interest and importance to the community, residents and businesses within the city limits, as well as the greater Laurel area.