Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm


*This meeting will be conducted virtually through Zoom*

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  1. Roll Call.
  2. Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on April 19, 2022.
  1. HDC-2022-0099 for 25 Post Office Avenue submitted by Legends Group, the applicant is proposing to remove the existing detached garage on the property.

The garage is unused, visually dilapidated, and measures approximately 20’ X 32’. The applicant is proposing to remove the existing large Black Walnut tree on the property with the intention of subdividing the 25 Post Office Avenue lot into two (2) lots in the near future. Applicant states that the new lot that would be created after subdividing would be unsuitable for construction with the Black Walnut remaining in place. This item was tabled at the last hearing on March 8, 2022.

  1. HDC-2022-0123 for 519 Montgomery Street, submitted by Elmer A. Del Cid/ E, Delcid Home Improvement LLC., Applicant is seeking retroactive approval to remove an existing tree and HDC approval to replace the existing roof located at the property of 519 Montgomery Street. Retroactive tree removal: Applicant has removed a multi-trunk tree in the front yard of the property facing Montgomery Street. The tree was not listed on the City’s Champion Tree list. Roof replacement: Applicant proposes to replace the existing roof of the property. The existing roof is CertainTeed XT AR Timber Blend shingles in sandy brown color.  Applicant is proposing to replace the roof with CertainTeed Landmark Charcoal Black shingles.
  1. HDC-2022-0124 for 704-706 Main Street, submitted by Nancy Steinecke Applicant is seeking approval to replace the rooves and doors of the two homes located at the property. Roof/gutter replacements: The current rooves are gray color in 3-tab style. Applicant proposes to replace the rooves with pewter gray shingle rooves in architectural style. The current gutters measure six (6) inches with four (4) inch downspouts. The replacement gutters will be six (6) inches with six (6) inch white downspouts to match. Door replacements: The Applicant is proposing to replace the existing wood doors with wood doors of the same size. The new doors will be red with an overhead transom style.


  1. HDC-2022-0122 for 35 A Street, submitted by Cathy Huffer, Applicant is seeking approval to install a fence on the property.  Applicant will be installing a new fence along the rear of the house.   Applicant will be installing a wooden board on board fence.  The fence will be painted white.  The height of the fence will be (6’0”).  The previous fence was destroyed due to a fallen tree.


  1. HDC-2022-0128 for 28 Post Office Avenue, submitted by Glynnis McPhee,      Applicant is seeking approval to remove and replace existing front walkway.  The existing walkway is concrete.  The new walkway will measure 16’ x 3’ or 48 square feet.  The proposed walkway is a gray smooth Flagstone.  The new walkway will also extend from the front sidewalk to triangle connected to the existing front porch stairs.


  1. HDC-2022-0130 for 25 C Street, submitted by Stewart Sinex/3 Gear Studios, Applicant is seeking retroactive approval to install several exterior signs. Flat wall sign: The Applicant has installed a 24’’ X 160’’ flat wall sign along the front façade of the building. The sign is comprised of plywood material in dark brown color and reads “3 GEAR GAMES – TABLETOP GAMES – WHIMSICAL ART & MORE – PLAY-EXPLORE-TRANSFORM” in white text. Hanging sign: The Applicant has installed a 30’’ X 30’’ round hanging sign over the front entrance of the building. The sign has the business’s logo in red, blue and yellow colors and the text “GAMES” in white color. Window decal: The Applicant has installed a 30’’ X 36’’ window decal sign on the front door of the building. The sign decal is in frosted glass style and has the business logo in white along with the hours of operation.

Staff Approvals

HDC-2022-0125 for 423 Prince George Street, submitted by Alyson Harbage, the applicant is seeking approval to replace front porch wood floorboards and repaint in same existing light gray color. Also replace front porch posts & railings (same style) and posts then repaint in same white color.

HDC-2022-0126 for 522 Main Street, submitted by St. Phillips Episcopal Church, the applicant is seeking approval to replace current front porch/steps foundation. Remove (8) precast stone stairs and store on site. Remove (2) existing brick support walls down to the concrete footer. Reconstruct support walls utilizing grouted CMU block tied into the existing footer; exposed CMU block will be parged to match existing. Place back existing (8) previse stone stairs. Existing railings will be reinstalled via surface mounting. All work is considered “in-kind”.

HDC-2022-0127 for 708 Main Street, submitted by Patricia & Gary Haag, the applicant is seeking approval to removed (2) dying and diseased dogwood trees in the front yard. The applicant will be replanting new trees on property.  

HDC-2022-0133 for 204 Tenth Street, submitted by Cecile Shindell, the applicant is seeking approval to repaint gray metal roof with same fibered aluminum coating (silver). Repair to gutters. All work considered “in-kind”.

HDC-2022-0134 for 205 Tenth Street, submitted by Matthew O’Brien, the applicant is seeking approval to repair concrete walkway and along the foundation of house, will use polyrenewal foam to fill gaps and caulk cracks. The size and color of the walkway will not change. This is considered “in-kind” maintenance repair.  

  1. Adjourn


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