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Tuesday, April 12, 2022 - 6:30pm

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  1. Take roll
  2. Review, vote on editing or accepting minutes from February
  3. Conduct business (mobile phones can download Microsoft Teams App. Call Joanne if issue 301-814-3637)



  1. LAC remaining vacancy (lack secretary, may need treasurer)


  1. City updates – Joanne
    1. Financial disclosure form
    2. LAC Funding Plan approved


  1. Projects to complete in FY22
    1. School art exhibits – Angie, Bharati, with Tony


  • Pallotti High Art Opening,  Municipal Center, May 1,
  • Laurel Elementary School, Armory, Date TBD
  • PGAHC public planning art grant  - Gen, Melissa
    • Public surveys
    • Main Street tour
    • Public Art Master Plan
  • Pop-up galleries – legal agreements – Keri, Angie, Kayleigh
  • Juneteenth - Charles, Angie


  1. Laurel Board of Trade
    1. Liaison – Kayleigh
    2. Main Street Festival May 7 – Keri Parade Judge


  1. Proposals for FY23 – Michael, Bharati, Tony
    1. Keeping track – Alonte, Slack
    2. FY 23 budget plan
    3. Community choir holiday celebration, NEA grant - Tony
    4. Documenting processes and procedures (sustainability plan)
  2. 2021 Annual Report – Melissa
  3. Next meeting – Tuesday, May 10, 2022




Virtual Meeting - April 12, 2022 at 6:30pm



  1. Present:  Inka Patel, Michael Spears, Angie O’Neal, Melissa Holland, Keri Fuller, Kayleigh de la Puente (Joanne Barr not attending due to another City meeting). Guest: Anjali Wells
  2. Minutes from February 2022 meeting were approved (March 2022 meeting was unofficial – no quorum)



  1. Melissa noted: LAC has 1 remaining vacancy, needs a secretary, may need a treasurer.
  2. City updates:
    1. LAC Funding Plan approved: This plan was explained as involving general policy for evaluating and funding public art proposals. It is not related to the LAC budget for FY23.
    2. LAC budget for FY23: Kayleigh suggested, and several members agreed, on importance of attending City Council meetings where this budget is discussed, in order to give public comment and rationale. Kayleigh reported that there are 3 budget meetings in May. Melissa said she will request a link to these meetings.


  1. Guest attendee Anjali Wells spoke about her experience as an art teacher as well as her Laurel non-profit, Creative Outlets (, which addresses arts for wellness. When the pandemic closed schools, this organization supplied journaling kits and art packs for local students. That work continues along with events and resources to engage the whole community in arts based learning and healing. Anjali announced upcoming May art events by Creative Outlets at Olive on Main in Laurel.


  1. Projects to complete in FY22.
    1. School art exhibits – Angie reported progress on LAC’s two planned public art shows:
      • Pallotti High School at Municipal Center, opening May 1 and running through May. LAC is transporting the artwork and organizing and mounting the exhibit.  Pallotti High art teacher Christine Tyler is selecting and packaging pieces by both Arts Academy and basic art students. Music for the opening will be provided by Tony Small’s students.
      • Laurel Elementary School at Laurel Armory, Date in May TBD.  Laurel Elementary art teacher Anna Skarbek is collaborating. Art work will be by the school’s art club students.


  1. Juneteenth – Angie reported no meetings yet by City Juneteenth Committee
  2. Public planning art grant (Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council/PGAHC)  - Gen reported on:  
    • Public survey results to date showing the types of public art and themes city residents desire. Gen pointed out that the number of respondents is small, and Melissa noted out that the mayor shared the survey on his Facebook page, which should increase the responses.
    • Main Street Tour – Gen described her and Melissa’s tour of venues on Main Street and C Street. Gen recognized the following locations as particularly suitable for murals or sculpture, reinforcing sites identified by LAC members on prior tours: 
      1. Quick Mart (500 Main St.) – Side facing 5th street. Owner amenable, muralist and theme identified (Chandler Robbins bird mural).
      2. Public square (533 Main St.) – Was old train trolley stop. Suitable for sculpture or sculpture garden (see Michael Spears’ concept). Owner amenable.
      3. Farmer’s Market lot (378 Main St.) – Suitable for mural on side buildings or sculpture/ sculpture garden on lot. Advantage: lot is not private but controlled by City (CRA). Possible pollinator mural.
      4. Old Meat Market (Main & C St.) – Now Chez Yiamme (Haitian). Owner enthusiastic. Possible Community Voices Mural on wall facing C.  Possible space for pop up galleries and curated events.
      5. Former Senate Bldg (Main & C St.) – Building has been sold, owner unknown. Possible mural on side facing C.
      6. Rise Up Nutrition (Main & C St.) – Owner amenable. Possible mural on side facing C.
      7. C Street Flats (C St.) – Building has café and a flex room suitable for pop up galleries and curated events. That space is for sale.
      8. New comedy club forthcoming (across C St. from C Street Flats – possible pop up galleries and curated events.
      9. Bead crafts shop (across C St. from C Street Flats – possible pop up galleries and curated events.
      10. Sidewalk Murals - several places along Main St. appropriate for ground murals and traffic calmers.  An RFP could be issued.
      11. Banners – several possibilities on lampposts along Main or C.  RFP could be issued.

On the sculpture garden idea, Kayleigh said this could be a temporary, rotating exhibit, as in Riverdale, MD ( Melissa said that both the Laurel Board of Trade and City liaison Joanne Barr support a sculpture garden.


  1. Updates – Laurel Board of Trade
    1. Liaison – LAC was asked to provide a liaison to LBOT.  Kayleigh will serve,
    2. Main Street Festival May 7 – LAC was asked to provide a parade judge. Keri will serve.


  1. 2021 Annual Report – Melissa is preparing to send to members and to City,
  2. Next meeting – Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Can be live.







Minutes by Melissa Holland

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