Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm






***This meeting will be held virtually through Zoom***



The public wishing to attend the virtual hearing please email [email protected] for meeting information by 5pm  


  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on March 3, 2022
  3. Committee Updates
  4. Public Hearing (public input regarding the redistricting of ward boundaries, if necessary, so that each ward will contain a reasonably equal population)
  5. Committee Discussion
  6. Next Steps
  7. Adjourn




TUESDAY MARCH 15, 2022 – 6:00 P.M.




The meeting convened at 6:00 p.m. and a roll was called with Participating Committee Members: Chairwoman Mitzi Betman, Vice-chairwoman Ms. Rhonda Whitley, The Honorable G. Rick Wilson, Mr. Roy M. Smith II and Mr. Oris Clary. Additionally, Participating Staff Members: Ms. Kimberly Rau, City Clerk, Mr. Robert Love, Economics & Community Development Director and Ms. Brooke Quillen, Economics & Community Development Senior Administrative Assistant were also present.


Vice Chairwoman Whitley introduced herself to the Committee, adding she also has a meeting tonight with the Election Committee and may need to leave a little early.


Mr. Smith made a motion for approval of the minutes of the March 3, 2022. Mr. Wilson seconded the motion, Ms. Whitley abstained from the vote because she was not present for the meeting. Mr. Clary voted “Yes” and Chairwoman Betman cast the final vote of “Yes”.


The Committee discussed possible outcomes; either no change or increasing numbers in ward one (1). Chairwoman Betman read a statement received from The Honorable Ms. Donna Crary expressing her concerns about possible redistricting of the wards and potentially being moved from ward two (2) to ward one (1). Ms. Crary’s written comments added she did not have enough notice of the meeting to plan to attend. she asked the Committee to either make no change or create a third ward for the newer developments in the City of Laurel. The current difference between Ward 1 and Ward 2 populations is approximately less than 10%. It is expected in the next ten (10) years, the City of Laurel will continue to increase in population based on currently approved housing, townhouse, and apartment projects, predominantly in the Ward 2 boundary. 


The Committee reviewed sample maps one (1) through six (6). Sample number one (1) was most favorable among the Committee, and it was noted it would not affect Ms. Crary’s claim of being moved from ward two (2) to ward one (1). It was discussed that creating a third ward would not be easy since new developments are all over Laurel, not just in a specific area. The Committee requested another hearing providing more time with all samples for public to view. The Committee was not in full agreement to move forward with a recommendation or resolution at this time, they want more public input if possible. It was suggested to add a new slide to the PowerPoint online showing the “changed” area and for staff to notify the residents that would be affected by the change with the next meeting information.


The Committee set a schedule for the next meeting, which will be held on Tuesday March 30, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.



Approved:    Brooke Quillen                              Date:  3/30/2022

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