Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 19, 2021 - 6:00pm




TUESDAY– OCTOBER 19, 2021– 6:00 P.M.



PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to be heard at this meeting, please sign the speaker list provided online at  The Chairman reserves the right to limit the amount of time each speaker has for each agenda item.



***This meeting will be held virtually through Zoom***


The public wishing to speak on any items are asked to register for the Zoom meeting information at by 3:00 p.m. the day of the meeting.

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes from the September 14, 2021 meeting
  3. Text Amendment No. 259 (Ordinance 1987) An ordinance of the Mayor and City Council of Laurel, Maryland to amend laurel city code, chapter 20 "land development and subdivision regulations,” article i “zoning,” §20-1.3 “relationship to the city of laurel master plan”, §20-1.7 “definitions”, §20-1.11 “annexation of additional area to city” §20-1.12 “construction and interpretation of article; general provisions”,   §20-2.1 “building permits; use and occupancy permits”, §20-2.2 “plans, plats, and information to accompany applications for permits”, §20-2.3 “conditions”, §20-2.4 “temporary use permit”, §20-2.5 “issuance of use and occupancy permit”, §20-2.7 “application for use and occupancy permits; inspection of premises, issuance of certificate of compliance, and permit”, §20-2.8 “suspension/ revocation of use and occupancy permit”, §20-3.1 “what constitutes violations; continuing violation”, §20-3.2 “compliance with and enforcement of article; complaints as to alleged violation” §20-3.3 “procedure upon verification of violation; penalties”  §20-3.4 “extension of grace period”, §20-4.4 “powers and duties”, §20-4.5 “hearings on proposed plans, regulations, etc.” §20-4.6 “city administrator, city solicitor, and other officers and employees”, §20-6.16 “schedule of area, yard, and height regulations for residential uses”, §20-7.8 “table of commercial uses”, §20-9.5 “table of industrial uses”, §20-10.5 “parking regulations”, §20-13.11 “amendment to revitalization overlay area map”, §20-15.2 “zoning districts” §20-15.3 “satellite earth station antennas having a diameter of one meter or less” §20-15.4 “commercial, office building, and industrial zones; satellite earth station antennas having a diameter of two meters or less”, §20-25.4 “powers and duties”, §20-25.5 “hearings on proposed plans, regulations, etc.”, §20-25.6 “regular meeting dates”, §20-25.7 “city administrator, city solicitor, director of the department of community planning and business services, and other officers and employees”,  §20-26.1 “authority”, §20-26.2 “history, composition, and operation” §20-26.3 “purpose”, §20-26.5 “review of applications”, §20-26.13 “demolition”, article vi “roads and sidewalks”, §20-42.5 “authority of the director”; and providing for an effective date, for recommendation to the Mayor and City Council.


  1. Adjourn


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