Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, July 13, 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm





TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2021 – 6:00 P.M.



  1. Call to order - Michael R. Leszcz, Chairman

2.              2 .Approval of Minutes from Tuesday, May 25, 2021

3.              3.Michele Blair - Presenting

4.             4. Cynthia Woods - Discussion on Planting Wildflowers in Road Verges

5.              5. COG Climate report and next steps to the upcoming EAC meeting

6.             6. Legislation

7.             7. Adjournment




TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2021-6:00P.M. ZOOM

Attendees: Mike Leszcz, Tawana Spencer, Michele Blair, Jhana Levin and Kenya Barno



Legislation: Issued copies of the Council of Government (COG) Climates reports to committee. The Mayor asked for me (Mike Leszcz) to review. I gave positive assessment to Mayor regarding report. Also mentioned sending this to the EAC to add their comments. We canceled this month’s meeting with COG but we will be having a meeting at the end of the month.

The Mayor issued an Executive Order for single use straws in the city of Laurel. This is a good first step because the state legislature did not pay attention to this issue when I (Mike Leszcz) raised the issues on behalf of the Patuxent River Commission (PRC) earlier this year. The PRC has raised this issue several times for the last two years.

The City of Laurel has passed a bag bill. We cannot charge for this; we cannot recoup the money from this. Montgomery County can, this is the only county who is able to collect money for the bag bill. In the Anacostia area in Washington, DC they use that money that they collect for the “Bag Bill” in DC and use it for Anacostia improvements.

Michele Bliar Presentation: Spent the first seventeen years of my time with the City in Department of Public Works (DPW) as an Office Manager and the Recycling Coordinator for the City. In March of this year, I was promoted to the City Administration Office under a new title as the Environmental Programs Manager for the City. I work directly with the CA (City Administration) and the Mayors Office to formulate a sustainability green plan for the city. We got into an agreement with COG. The one in particular that we work with is COG of the Metropolitan of Washington. We have the City have a MOU with COG to ride the contract to work with their consultants.

I am also part of the Recycling COG Committee and will be presenting to them this Thursday because I Chair the Recycling Subcommittee for Municipalities through COG.

Jhana Levin Presentation: I am the president at the laurel Museum. I work for Prince George’s County Public School. I am the Environmental Outreach Teacher. I work with all of the elementary schools I work with all Kindergarteners in the entire county and then my territory is the North. I work everywhere from Bowie, down to Mount Rainer and all the way around. I (Jhana) also sit on the committee for the Maryland State Department of Education for the writing of the Environment Literacy Standards. I write the Pre-K through 2nd grade.

Scotchtown Hil, Laurel Elementary and Laurel High School are all green schools. What makes It green it what the students are doing, the lessons that they are learning etc.

In Prince Georges County composting is being put into every single grade.

I (Jhana) would love to collaborate with the EAC.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:01PM


Kenya Barno

Administrative Assistant


Approved: 8/4/2021

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