Mayor and City Council Meeting
Wednesday, January 6, 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm


***Please contact the Clerk to the Council at 301-725-5300, extension 2121, or email [email protected] to request Zoom Meeting Information or to provide written public comment.***

1. Agenda Items

A. Ordinance No. 1964, an ordinance amending the City of Laurel Code, Election Laws.

B. Charter Resolution No. 172, a resolution amending the Charter of the City of Laurel Election Laws.

C. City of Laurel COVID -19 Emergency Assistance Relief Program

D. Bid Recommendation- Incode 10 System Upgrade

E. Ordinance No. 1966 Text Amendment No. 257-An Ordinance Of The Mayor And City Council Of Laurel, Maryland Amending Laurel City Code, Chapter 20 "Land Development And Subdivision Regulations,” Article I “Zoning,” §20-1.7 “Definitions” To Update The Definitions For Various Terms Used In Chapter 20; §20-6.15 “Area, Yard, And Height Regulations”; §20-6.16 “Schedule Of Area, Yard, And Height Regulations For Residential Uses”; §20-6.23 “Accessory Structures; Bulk Regulations”; §20-7.8 “Table Of Commercial Uses”; §20-9.5 “Table Of Industrial Uses”; §20-12.3 “Table Of Mixed Use – Transportation Oriented Uses”; §20-12.5 “Site Plans”; §20-17.1 “Purpose & Scope”; §20-17.2 “Definitions”; §20-17.3 “General Provisions”; §20-17.4 “Regulation By Zones” §20-17.5 “Legal Nonconformity; Maintenance And Repair”; §20-17.6 “Construction Specifications”; §20-18.2 “Nonconforming Billboards”; §20-20.5 “Fences And Walls”; §20-22.53 “Liquor Stores”; §20-22.72 “Licensed Premises Of Licensed Dispensaries.”; §20-29.10 “Mandatory Dedication Or Fee-In-Lieu Of Open Space”; And Providing For An Effective Date.

F. Ordinance No. 1968, an Ordinance Of The Mayor and City Council of Laurel, Maryland To Amend Chapter 2 “Administration”, Article I Entitled “In General”, Section 2-3 Entitled "City And Police Seal", Of The Laurel City Code To Add “All City Department Logos And Official City Branding Logos” To The Section Title And Require Written Permission Of The Mayor To Use The City Or Police Seal Or All City Department Logos And Official City Branding Logos For Non-City Related Use.