General Information and Deadlines


This webpage offers a step-by-step guide for Voters who want to participate in the upcoming Presidential Election. 

Voters are being encouraged to vote by mail, but if you choose to vote in person, below is the information needed to vote during early voting or on Election Day.




If you hear or read something about the 2020 Presidential Election and are unsure if it is true, the State of Maryland has a Rumor Control page you can visit at https://elections.maryland.gov/press_room/rumor_control.html. Stay in the know!

To vote in the 2020 Election, you must be registered to vote. To learn more about who can register to vote, click here.

To register to vote or to check your registration status, click here. Your voter registration must be up to date with your current address. To update your voter registration, click here.


You may also register to vote or update your voter registration information in person during early voting or on election day. If you update your address on election day, you will be asked to complete a provisional ballot. An election judge will assist you with this process.

If you have any questions about the 2020 Presidential Elections, please contact the Clerk to the City Coucil, Kim Rau, at:

Phone:  301-725-5300 ext. 2121 

Email: [email protected]                                       

Hours: Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm  


Maryland State Board of Elections: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2020/index.html       

Prince George's County Board of Elections: https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/559/Board-of-Elections