03/20/2023 - 6:30pm
Event Type:
City Hall Meetings and Events


Spring is right around the corner and that means young pollinators are emerging. The Mayor and City Council want us to do our part in creating a friendly place for young pollinators to grow. Approved February 27, 2023, Resolution No. 2-2023 allows residents to pass on mowing their lawn for the month of April. Residents can register for this free, voluntary program in-person at the No Mow April Kick-off Meeting at the City’s Laurel Municipal Center, 8103 Sandy Spring Road, on March 20th at 6:30pm, or on-line at  At our kick-off meeting residents will learn about the importance of protecting and enhancing pollinators, as well as pick up their yard sign, sign up for Bee City volunteer opportunities and sign up for the curbside organics recycling program.  All residents are invited. Let's work together to help Laurel's pollinators thrive and survive!