Pending Applications

Zoning Application Documents

Forest Conservation Plan Application &

Amended Site & Landscape Plan Application

Golden Realty LLC./ Candlewood Suites

Laurel Lakes Court Laurel, Maryland 20707

Variance Application #886

LTC Corporation/ Steve Zaveri

15001 Baltimore Avenue, Laurel Maryland 20707

Amended Site and Landscape Plan Application

D.H. Bader Management Services Inc/ Laurel Lakes

Baltimore Avenue & Cypress Avenue, Laurel Maryland 20707

Patuxent Greens Golf Course Redevelopment      

14415 Greenview Drive, Laurel, MD 20708   

The Applicant has submitted the following applications for approval: 

  • Forest conservation
  • Preliminary subdivision plan  
  • Final site and landscape plan 

Documents pertaining to these applications will be uploaded as received and completed




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Upcoming Applications

Zoning Application Documents





Recent Applications

Zoning Application Documents

Amended Site and Landscape Application

Carrols, LLC/Steve Markham/ Burger King

14801 Baltimore Avenue, Laurel Maryland 20707

Special Exception Application #885

Zips Dry Cleaners/ BBB Enterprise Inc

706 Washington Blvd, Laurel Maryland 20707




If you want more information regarding these applications or any other zoning applications, please contact the Department of Ecomonic and Community Development at [email protected] or call 301-725-5300.

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